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Well apparently...

There are a few LJ communities on here that require my posting. But this is not something to trigger my posting here again. Just letting you know just in case I magically post on your journal. The journal is dead, the account however, is not.
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To those of whom it may concern

This is probably my final journal on Live Journal. I have stopped checking messages here since January, and I figure I have no reason to stay. I haven't talked to WispyHollow in about a year, and she was the original reason why I came to Live Journal. In seeing that I am leaving sites and condensing my existence as I prepare myself for greater and bigger things that'll require my undivided attention, I am merely reaching a point in my life in which I say so long to petty little things I don't need and stay constrained to a few things that have been deemed necessary, at least to me that is. So long Live Journal.

BTW, I will be logging in on occasion to make sure this doesn't get deleted, I have a good 36 hours worth of typing on this site, most of which I don't want to lose.

Current repair status

NOT LIKE ANYONE CARES, but my computer is currently in the repair shop. They are very backed up, but I got it into them on Thursday. I know all my data is safe since I put both my drives into enclosures and all my files are intact. I supplied them with a Cadillac of power supplies, so if that doesn't do the trick, then it's the motherboard. I'll be back on STEAM, and regularly checking pages when I get it back hopefully Monday.
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Last night my computer mysteriously decided to restart on its own 3 times. After which point, I shut it down. I came back to it after 20 minutes, and now it won't start up. It would go on for 5 seconds, no text or anything on screen, then power down. Now the fans just run in hyperdrive and the screen still displays nothing. I'm trying to diagnose the issue, but I'm having a very very hard time trying to do so. What may end up happening if it turns out my motherboard is damaged is that I get a new computer that reuses my harddrrives and video card. This'll cost me easily at least $500, money that I do not have at the moment. So I'm just posting this to say I may not be on for awhile, I'm hoping this will be resolved by the weekend, but who knows, this could easily roll over into February. So in the mean time, I'm searching like crazy for answers online using my dad's laptop. I am just at a blank, I can't do anything, basically everything I do uses a computer, and now, I can't even play solitaire. I'll be back once I get my computer repaired.

And some good news

I swear, I have bad luck at school, and good luck everywhere else. 'cause I GOT ACCEPTED TO WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. So yep, I got into my top choice; September 2009, I'll be driving 50 minutes west to start my freshman college year.

Oh hai, I'm goin' to college.

Not sure if it's my top choice yet, but if I for some reason get rejected from my other 5 schools, I'll still be college-bound. I got my acceptance letter from University of Rhode Island. So yeah. Majoring in Computer Science if I go.
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Writer's Block: On the Bus

Stolen from tacster002 
Jam a bunch of people together in a tight space like a bus or the subway and something crazy is bound to happen. What's the most memorable thing you've seen on mass transit?
I rarely use Mass Transit, but I have to say, that this was annoying, but memorable. I come onto the subway, and they start doing some announcements, and some kid comes on with a box of peanut M&Ms, and he starts yelling very loudly to drown out the announcements in a very monotone voice, "Excuse me everyone, but I was hoping you would help fund my middle school's track team by buying a bag of peanut M&Ms. It's a dollar per bag, please help our team, thank you. And he'd do this for every stop. I started at Alewife and got off at I think Harvard Square.

Another time we were on our way to Fenway, and we were trying to get on the Green Line, all the subways were full, so we just waited for I think 7 subways to pass until we found one that wasn't jammed full.

EDIT: Also, for those curious, here's all of what I bought off of STEAM:

Games I got and have been playing lately

Fallout 3 is a big one I'm addicted to. happywulf suggested awhile to me to get Threadspace Hyperbol. It's an indie game, pretty good at that. I also finally got around to picking up the original Half-Life including Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force, and Blue Shift. Last week, I picked up Bioshock and Left 4 Dead while they were on sale. As far as I can tell, they're all great games. Whatever Valve is doing, it's right. I still have this overbearing paranoia that I'll get VAC banned for something minor like joining a server that had a lot of addons or for having an anti-virus program running while I was playing online. I've heard reports of people getting randomly banned for having MSN running. Thankfully some of my paranoia is gone since I've passed the 3 month mark since my account got hijacked back in September.